You want stress-free A/V that just works…

Not high fees and a thousand more decisions.



  • Sound, video feed to projectors, lighting etc.

  • Full length recordings, streaming and DVD sales

  • Live streaming to multiple social media platforms, simulcasts and pay-per-view streams

  • Pre-show, introduction, promo, and recap videos

  • Many other custom A/V services


  • Concrete and timely communication with one dedicated point of contact throughout the project.

  • Good stewardship of our joint resources with proactive, realistic assessments of your needs.

  • Clearly defined next steps that will keep the project focused and on schedule.

In brief:

we are here to help you navigate the world of everything A/V in a way that makes sense, is measurably Cost effective, and quite frankly “just works”!




We are gentle heralds of the good . . .

We aim to share joy and goodness with our local community (and the world!) by helping good people create greater wholesome media. We mix our creativity with organizations' missions, translating their intangible "why" into audiovisual experiences. The result? Authentic organization-audience relationships and inspired hearts.

We inspire action . . .

We aim to inspire action. What we create is a sign and indication of something bigger and lasting; it doesn't end when our video stops playing or the event is over. We believe that the consumption of any media must inspire action, otherwise it is an exercise in futility. If we do not awaken action through what we produce—whether that be in heart, mind, or behavior— then we have failed. Traditional media too often produces passive coach potatoes; we, on the other hand, aim to produce a bounty of action.

We are a group effort . . .

We know what it’s like to feel as if you were the only person doing what you are doing, or to be understaffed or overwhelmed. And we hate that feeling. No one should experience that aloneness- and that is why we are a group effort. Our bigness is found in our combined littleness—doing the next right thing, the best we can, together. A mission must be shouldered on the strengths of each of us, and that is why each of our members are an integral part of the solution. We know our identity: we can't promise to be "the best production company in the world," but we DO promise to always give our best. Those we work with aren't numbers or just "clients," to us; they are human beings with profound dignity, and as such we give only our highest respect and work ethic to everyone we serve.

We direct, not distract . . .

We believe in a better model of media production and consumption. Too often we see another cat video or some other form of fundamentally purposeless media in our feed. We believe these don't truly serve people, but rather distract them from meaningful action. We believe that when consumption is separated from intentionality, even consuming positive things can lead to emptiness. We seek to replace impulse with intention and distraction with direction. Our artistic vision often promotes saying "yes" to purpose in every second. Yet this doesn't mean "do, do, do!" nor encouraging "constant activity." Rather, we believe that "purpose in every second" means embracing whatever is best for us in the present moment, regardless if it's labor, leisure, or using a particular product/service.

We integrate so that we can radiate . . .

We aim to be an integral part of everything we partake in. Not integral as in "important," nor "micro-managing," for we are not concerned with prestige nor minutia. Rather, we seek to be integral in the sense that our team is a "co-creator-with" and "partner-to" those we serve. We treat all collaboration as an opportunity for unity and community. Integration for us means to encounter and accompany everyone we come in contact with, whether that be a person we pass by on the street or our long-time clients. We want to understand what people believe and why so that we can help foster encounter and lasting business relationships. We aren't just a "service provider," but rather combine our artistic vision with the ethos of each mission we participate in, radiating a beautiful mix that isn't "Relatu's" or "the client's," but rather "ours": something truly special and synergistic. We integrate so that we can radiate.

We are bold about modesty . . .

You may be thinking "Huh? That's a weird core belief." However, this is foundational in all that we do. We believe that modesty promotes a culture of respect for the other, and this isn't a statement about clothes or fashion. We believe modesty means showing something or someone in a way that is true, revealing them in all their humility, beauty, and humanity. This mindset helps destroy pretense, heal objectification (of people) and prevent commoditization (of businesses). Our objective is to never objectify. And that is why we are bold when it comes to modesty.

We are harmlessly eccentric . . .

We are an eccentric bunch, but our eccentricity is never flippant nor foolish. We are spontaneous, but sensible. Playful, but prudent. We believe life is more joyful when we embrace our unique oddities and absurdities. Equality is beautiful, but sameness is blandness. We are committed to precision and professionalism, yet communicate with camaraderie. We take our work seriously, yet always try to help our team and clients have a little fun, too. We are harmlessly eccentric.

We are devoted and devout . . .

Everything we begin we see through to its end. We go the extra mile, "burn the midnight oil" and always deliver the highest value for our customers. We never give mediocre a pass. This may sound like marketing fluff, but to us comes from heartfelt devotedness. We are devoted to our craft, but more importantly to our people and our God. As a faith-based company, our job is never just "a thing we have to do," but rather a blessing we get to partake in. We've served everyone from lawyers to agricultural companies, from children's theater to multi-thousand attendee events. What these all have in common are good people trying to do so much good for the world in whatever industry they're in, and we consider it an honor and privelege to accompany them in serving others.

Plus, if you have received a proposal from your venue’s in-house A/V team, we’ll match or beat their quote.

Yes, even including potential travel costs. Although we are based in St. Charles, MO, we often serve organizations in the Greater St. Louis area, across the Midwest, and beyond. We’ve served events as far as San Antonio TX, Chicago IL, and Tampa FL— all while being more cost effective than the venue’s in-house A/V!

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