Relating truth and goodness through beautiful visual media.



From Latin Relatus:
"Relating of events"

We don't  "tell" story, we relate story. We consider this an important distinction, for the line between "telling" and "yelling" has become blurred in our age.

We seek to foster true relatedness by sharing stories in a gentle, palatable way. We hope to draw people into communion with one another and with purpose-driven organizations like yours.

At our core, we are gentle heralds- relating messages of Truth and Goodness through beautiful media.


About Us

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Founder and Video Producer

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Production Assistant and Graphic Design

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Audio Engineer and Music Producer

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Associate Editor and Screenwriter

In 2014, Matthew realized that many of the top video search results involving important topics were out of date, aesthetically displeasing, or- at worse- intentionally misinforming. Our company is an attempt to rise up and meet the need for an increased quantity and quality of wholesome media.

In the years since, we've had the privilege of working on some amazing projects. On the journey, we've grown drastically in skill, resources, and openness to grace. We now offer not only a wide range of video production and photography services, but also magnanimous hearts on a mission!

Each project we choose to take on arises out of our belief that collaborating with a particular organization at a particular time is God's will for us; as such, we offer only our highest respect, work ethic, and service to those with whom we collaborate. 

If you would like to discuss the potential of working together, please use the contact form below to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!


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