Host people,
not events

Give every member of your audience an experience worth having even if you don't have the time, tech, or expertise.

We know your audience is important to you. They need to know, too.

When you’re busy with a thousand to-do’s of logistics like picking event platforms, scheduling with speakers or learning new technology, it’s easy to unintentionally starve your audience of the level of presence and preparation they deserve. By spending less time on the event minutia and more time on the people, you can create an environment where everyone experiences a sense of belonging. This leads to win-win results for everyone involved—whether they’re a speaker, sponsor, or attendee.
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We believe in events where people experience that they’re beloved and belong.

We help event hosts who deeply care about their audience to unlock the power of nuance and authentic encounter. We specialize in helping mid-size, mission-driven organizations who don’t have the time, capability, or confidence to deliver interactive and engaging online experiences.

Our unique philosophy is based on classical principles and elevated by modern technology and an extraordinary interdisciplinary team. Our approach focuses on the intersection between your goals and your audience’s needs. We take a holistic approach that takes into account the experience of each participant, whether they’re “standing on stage” or “in standing room only.” The resulting experience improves not only your bottom line but also truly changes hearts and minds.

Do you want to…




Take an untested idea or event format from the earliest stages of concept all the way to successful completion. We’ll guide you through a methodology designed to uncover new ideas, sift them through best practices, and bring them to life.

Over the last six years, we’ve helped host everything from children’s theater to concerts in cathedrals… from interactive conferences to international hybrid summits. No matter your circumstance, Relatu’s commitment is to provide the most reliable and least stressful way to go from event concept to receiving compliments on how great it went.

Our Average Client Saves (per event):

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570 hours

By our streamlined workshop process, clear project management plan, and hands-on approach to taking some of the most technical or laborious details off your plate.

Stack of money


By getting to use the best event tech without paying any subscription fee through the enterprise and agency licenses that we provide, set up, and operate on your behalf (absorbing their costs into our economy of scale).

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208 anxious cues

By meticulous planning, rehearsing, and day-of showcalling (in the ear of appropriate parties over our remote intercom system) handled by our highly skilled and experienced producers.

Platforms and partnerships

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Founder of Relatu, Matthew Freebs, receiving an award at ILEA event

The backbone of award winning experiences

It takes great technology to create meaningful online experiences. Since Relatu is independent from the majority of the technology and platforms we use, this means we are not locked into any particular tool and therefore hold what we do choose to use to very high and rigorous standards.

In doing so, we prioritize the experience of both our clients and their event participants. We proactively explore the cutting edge while never sacrificing stability or what has proven to be tried and true. Through this, it’s enabled us to use tools to their fullest potential and we find ourselves routinely in conversations with product leads and developers from the software we use, giving us direct access and opportunity to influence the future of some of the best software on the market.

We believe this provides a beautiful checks and balance system in our organization where we both have great relationships with our tech vendors while also keeping both them and us on our toes so that we continue to grow and explore the latest and best tools in our industry.

What value can you provide that a click of their Netflix button can’t?

Don’t waste your audience’s time (or yours).

Did you know the average Blockbuster movie costs over $20,000 per finished second to produce? However, providing authentic value doesn’t have to mean spending gratuitous amounts of money. Instead of trying to compete with impossibly high production or entertainment value of modern streaming services, you can multiply the impact of the resources you do have (even if limited) by focusing on transformative value.

Whether you realize it or not, you are in a unique position to foster an environment that helps participants encounter something bigger than themselves at a level that goes deeper than many other events that are one-way live streams or simply show pre-recorded content as if that somehow was an “event.”

Can an online event really make an impact?

The perfect blend of novelty and nuance

Through your knowledge and relationships with your audience you are able to provide a level of nuance and intangible sense of belonging while also solving their very real and practical problems. When intimately understood by the team hosting the event, there is a great opportunity to strategically plan an engaging and unique experience that leads attendees to connection and encounter that will outlast the event day.

Fostering these kinds of experiences and relationships can be of priceless value to participants that far outweigh binging on their favorite TV show. It could be the key they’ve been waiting for to their next step on their journey in life. Whether it’s solving their daily problems with a product, offering them life-changing knowledge, or a wide variety of other mission-driven ideas, we believe your organization is uniquely positioned to help them in a way that no one else can. We consider it a true honor and blessing to accompany our clients as they reach hearts and change lives.

How do we craft a live Experience that people actually want to attend?

Our transformative event roadmap

We provide the programming development, technology, and team that it takes to go from event concept to completion. By combining that with friction-free and carefully-crafted event touch points (all solidly built on the foundation of the right technology and operated by us in real-time throughout the event), you can effectively give each and every person involved in your event what they need at the right time with less stress and more finesse than any event you’ve done before.

Our three phase process:

From concept to concrete plan

1. Align:

We’ll lead you through a series of workshops designed to combine your organization’s unique story with best practices in online events. We’ll integrate your goals with the unique journeys of your sponsors, speakers, and attendees so everyone has a win-win experience. The result is an event concept and project plan that is easily shareable with your team and stakeholders, ensuring everyone understands the overall strategy and their individual role in bringing the event to life.

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From unready to all ready

2. Build:

We’ll set up and test the event platform for you (and optionally, registration). We’ll take all the busywork off your shoulders of scheduling rehearsals and corresponding with your presenters and support staff (such as small group facilitators). We’ll work through the programming with you and prepare a down-to-the-second run of show. We’ll also help you elevate your production value by handling the live stream tech and customizing media and graphic elements to use throughout the programming.

From uncertainty to confidence

3. Host:

Everyone who has a behind the scenes or audience-facing role will have the opportunity to rehearse and go through a proactive tech check leading up to the event. Then, on event day, we’ll manage the programming of your event by producing and operating both the live stream content and platform. In addition, we’ll be available at the touch of a button for quick and contextual support to both you and your attendees.

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Respected organizations trust Relatu to help them host.

Aquinas Institute of Theology logoAscension logoCatholic Charities of St. Louis logoCatholic Creatives logoNREL logoShrine of St. Joseph logoSt. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Louis logoTrinity Missions logo
"We plan to hire Relatu again to help us maintain the classiness and refinement that our attendees now expect from our organization."
Eva Marie Haine
"Working with Relatu was simple, professional, and has given us more confidence in the ROI for our company."
"Not only did they produce a wonderful event for us, but they even taught us a few new skills."
Sr. Rose Clare

Are you ready to host a transformative experience for your people, and not just another event?

Schedule a call with us where we'll examine your current situation, identify your event’s potential impact on both your audience and team, uncover what may be holding you and your organization back from a successful event, develop a 3-step action plan to get you results ASAP, and then replay our understanding through a quote shortly after our call.

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