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Give People Pause.

We create genuine moments out of virtual events.

Relatu helps remote teams and online communities cultivate shared purpose, find synergy in diversity, and achieve more together.

We help your people feel less hectic and more human. We make your work simpler and more sustainable.

Host people, not events

Step 1

The Strategy Workshops

Step 2

Anticipate Needs & Obstacles

A plan sketch

Step 3

Synthesize & Fortify

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Step 4

Review & Rehearse

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Step 5

Lights, Webcam, Action!

Step 6

Nurture the Post-Event Impact



Eliminate Event Anxiety and Confusion

Managing all the technology for your event can be nerve-wracking. But when you trust a team of pros, all those worries disappear.
  • First, our strategy workshop reveals the best event game plan based on your objectives
  • This plan includes anticipating potential needs and obstacles that may arise so we can act proactively
  • Finally, our event concept and project plan documents meticulously map out anything and everything you might want to know about the path ahead
This will be shared with your team and kept up to date as the project progresses so we are ALWAYS on the same page... literally!
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Make your systems seamless and get usable per-event + aggregate data

Basic events and webinars aren't necessarily bad. They're just...stale, offering no real impact or benefit to your viewers.

So while you’re busy promoting your exciting new event, the Relatu team is strategically assembling your personalized infrastructure. Prepare to be blown away when it all comes together on event day!
  • We create on-brand live stream graphics to use across the platform and in the stream on event day
  • We can help with attendee registration or integrate with your existing system
  • Custom-branded access emails with “magic links” easily grant registrants the ability to join the live event
  • Last but not least, before the big day we’ll run final dress rehearsals and tech checks with the speakers and your team
When your event runs smoothly, people can focus on each other and your organization rather than a swarm of distractions.


Actually be present at your own events instead of managing all the details

When your keynote speaker starts to sound like a car radio in a thunderstorm, audience engagement drops faster than that internet connection. Because no one likes distractions!

That's why we vigilantly stay tuned to tech industry updates and only use the best enterprise-level software with the latest functional advancements:
  • Optimized image quality and sound
  • Reliable even at scale, providing larger-than-life experiences
  • Compatible with a variety of tools for effortless integration
  • Plus, our highly alert support team monitors every second of the live event; you can trust that we’re primed and ready to respond immediately, whether it’s a sudden surprise or minor mishap
Remember, on event day, we're there to help you host, so you can rest easy and focus on your people instead of the production.
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Sustain and Nurture Ongoing Conversations

Because community-driven events are only as effective as the follow-up.
  • We’ll send you every video recording of the live event plus all the raw data from the platform
  • You can even ask us to extract clips for potential use in your social media posts or marketing campaigns
  • In the week after the production, we'll meet to review all the data together, gather insights, and brainstorm future event strategy
  • If you decide to work with us to host another event, we’ll run a strategy workshop designed to make the next experience even better
We believe each event will build on the momentum of the last, sparking renewed interest and investment in your brand and organization. And as you grow and engage your audience, we'll continue to provide the support you need every step of the way.
"From start to finish, the Relatu team guided us through the daunting process of hosting an event, with thoughtfulness, efficiency, and creativity."
Maria H.
"Everyone had a great time! The speakers could be themselves backstage and focus on enjoying the event."
Erin L.
"Relatu's quality was so much higher than what we typically see from others in our industry and they perfectly captured the personality of our brand."
Catherine A.

See Why Our Clients Consistently Choose Us Instead of the DIY Alternative

DIY Online Events

The Relatu Experience

Minimum Cost Out of Pocket


This is what the average company is faced with paying per year to simply access high quality event software

starting at $1,500

ALL INCLUSIVE access to our white-glove service, software curation, expertise, and tech tools
Total Project Time Invested By You


On your own, you’re in charge of planning, scheduling, streaming... well, everything.

Less than 10%

We do ALL the heavy lifting and take care of the vast majority of items on your event to-do list
Audience Engagement


Viewer polls are pretty common on most event- hosting platforms, but there's little-to-no question customization or other engagement options


The enterprise-level software we license and use on your behalf allows us to create truly interactive experiences! Plus, with our pro team actively operating it for you, we’re able to adjust to the audience’s real-time feedback
Production Value


What you see is what you get with most generic live-streaming platforms; that may work for some people, but it's not our style


We’ve got a full team operating and monitoring the stream on event day and calling the shots; so cues get hit perfectly and transitions are seamless
Branding & Customization


What you see is what you get with most generic live-streaming platforms; that's not our style


From branded interfaces to seamless speed-networking sessions, there's not a lot we CAN'T do
Training & Tech Expertise


Unless you're a tech wizard yourself, DIY-ing an online event quite literally means going it all alone. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master complex skills; time to get a time tracker!


Our team is staffed with interdisciplinary experts, so whether creative or highly technical, we'll answer questions and resolve issues faster than you can say, "Did you try turning it off and then on again?"

Which of Our Service Packages Best Fits Your Goals?

Schedule a FREE consultation with us to find out.
Our goal is to at least 2x your investment and we'll be honest if we don't think that's realistic for you.

Strategy + Systems Analysis
"Spend less and do more"
(one day workshop)


*included at no charge in other packages

Implementation Done With You
‍"Learn to fish for yourself"
(your tools + team)

starting at


Implementation Done For You
"Fish on the table!"
(our tools + team)

starting at


Invite Your Audience to an Authentic Encounter

We share your desire that EVERY person who attends your online experience to feel welcome, know that they belong, and see themselves as part of something so much bigger. That's why we love serving membership-based organizations and communities like yours.

So don't wait one moment longer! Book a free call with us today to discover everything we offer, including...
  • Intro workshops with strategy sessions (where we’ll become your guide!)
  • Dedicated project manager with responsive email support within 24 hours
  • Integrated engagement tools for making every viewer feel seen and heard
  • High-quality live stream production software with on-brand, customized graphics
  • Spotlight your sponsors or internal resource with a variety of high-ROI options
  • Lively networking opportunities to get your people talking
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Leah Darrow
Founder of LUX University

"I trust Relatu with my mission"

"They take time to understand my vision and mission for the work I do… I did not have to worry about following up with Relatu because they proactively answered my questions I would have had. They complete everything in a timely and professional manner! I've always been able to depend on the Relatu team for all of my projects."

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