Relating audiences to organizations
through audiovisual experiences



From Latin Relatus:
"Relating of events"

We are a Catholic-owned company that specializes in audiovisual event production for non-profits and businesses.

Our mission is to assist you in expressing intangible missions and messages through sensory audiovisual experiences. The result? Authentic organization-audience relationships and inspired hearts.

We are based in St. Louis, MO, but often serve organizations across the Midwest and beyond.


Our "Why"


We are gentle heralds of the Good . . .

Yes, that is Good with a capital ‘G': we aim to advance the Good in all that we do. What is the Good? The will of God, communicated to the human heart. Our role in His plan is to herald in a new, inspired vision for how media is perceived and consumed. Our company is at its core a vessel for our magnanimity to become concrete. We do this by mixing our creativity with organizations' missions, translating intangible messages into sensory audiovisual experiences. The result? Authentic organization-audience relationships and inspired hearts!

We inspire action . . .

We aim to inspire action. What we create is a sign and indication of something bigger and lasting; it doesn't end when our video stops playing or the event is over. We believe that the consumption of any media must inspire action, otherwise it is an exercise in futility. If we do not awaken action through what we produce—whether that action be in heart, mind, or body— then we have failed. Traditional media too often produces passive coach potatoes; we, on the other hand, aim to produce a bounty of action. This is something we hold for both our and ourselves. We strive to always obey His inspirations and Will, and work to share inspiration with others.

We are a group effort . . .

We know what it’s like to feel as if you were the only person doing what you are doing. And we hate that feeling. No one should experience that aloneness-- and that is why we are a group effort. Our bigness is found in our combined littleness—doing the next right thing, the best we can, together. A mission must be shouldered on the strengths of each of us, and that is why each of our members are an integral part of the solution. We know our identity: we do NOT promise to be "the best” production company in the world, but we DO promise to always give you our best. Those we work with aren't numbers or just "clients," to us; they are human beings with profound dignity, and as such we give only our highest respect and best work to everyone we serve.

We direct, not distract . . .

We believe in a better model of media production and consumption. Too often in our culture has media become a means to distract, to escape and to ultimately eradicate meaningful action. We believe that when consumption is separated from God’s will for us in the present moment, even consuming good and wholesome content can lead to emptiness. We want to engage a culture immersed in distractions by providing an antidote of intentionality. We seek to replace impulse with intention, distraction with direction, and thoughtlessness into thoughtfulness. We promote a lifestyle that says "yes" to purpose in every second. Yet purpose does NOT mean "constant activity." Rather, it means embracing God’s will in whatever way it manifests itself in the present moment, regardless if it's labor or leisure. Our mission can be summarized: “Recognize the designs and will of God in the present moment, and help others do the same.”

We integrate so that we can radiate . . .

We aim to be an integral part of everything we partake in. Not integral as in "important," for we are not concerned with prestige. Rather, we seek to be integral in the sense that "our team is a partner and co-creator with those whom we work alongside." We treat all collaborations as opportunities for unity and community. Integration for us means to encounter and accompany everyone we come in contact with, especially our clients, customers, and partners. We want to get into your mindset to understand what you believe and why. We aren't just a "service provider," but rather combine our artistic vision with the ethos of each mission we participate in, emanating joint beliefs through our production. We integrate so that we can radiate.

We are bold about modesty . . .

We believe that modesty promotes a culture of respect for the other. It is only when we are modest in both body and mind do we achieve healthy self-respect and self-worth. We believe that modesty is an essential element of a world where respect and humility thrive. When we are modest with our entire person (not just our bodies), our true beauty can be seen. We believe that modesty is NOT a "covering up" of self, but an emboldening freedom to be who we truly are... and a mindset that breaks facades and heals objectification that immodesty creates. Our objective is to never objectify. And that is why we are bold when it comes to modesty.

We are harmlessly eccentric . . .

We are an eccentric bunch, but our eccentricity is never flippant or foolish. We are spontaneous, but sensible. Playful, but prudent. Life is more joyful when we embrace our unique oddities and absurdities, just as can be seen in the vast uniqueness of the Saints. Sameness can be blandness. We highly value precision and professionalism, yet still allow ourselves to communicate through camaraderie. Although some of our characteristics may be unorthodox, we are orthodox in our beliefs. We embrace our offshoots yet are firmly rooted in the Vine. We are harmlessly eccentric.

We are devoted and devout . . .

Everything we begin we see through to its end. We go the extra mile, "burn the midnight oil" and always deliver the highest value for our customers. This heartfelt devotedness helps immunize us to the far-too-prevalent apathy in our culture today. We never give mediocre a pass. We are devoted to our craft, but more importantly to our people and our God. We ground everything we do in the wisdom of the Church and Her teachings. We are devout in our attitudes not out of practiced piety, but because our hearts are firmly set on God and His will for us.


Our "Who"



Founder and Producer



Production Assistant and Graphic Design






Audio Engineer and Music Producer



Lead Graphic Design partner from Wisk Creative


Our Work


Event production reel


See three of our projects below. For more, visit our Event Coverage, Promotional Video, or Event Photography pages.

JP II Prep school: “Who are we?”

Thank you JP II school for providing such a warm and welcoming community as we crafted this video!

Click here to see more of our Promotional Videos

Fullness of Truth events

Thank you Fullness of Truth Ministries for the opportunity to be a part of your amazing events!

Click here to see more of our Event Coverage Videos

Passion project / pro-bono piece

This was a pro-bono passion project for the very talented spoken word poet, Konner Kloster.

Shot in one day as a joint effort with our friends at Luxian Films

Want to collaborate?

If you would like to discuss the potential of working together, please use the contact form below to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!


Our History

In 2015, Matthew realized that many of the top video search results involving important topics were out of date, aesthetically displeasing, or- at worse- intentionally misinforming. Our company is an attempt to rise up and meet the need for an increased quantity and quality of wholesome media.

In the years since, we've had the privilege of working on some amazing projects. On the journey, we've grown drastically in skill, resources, and openness to grace. We offer not only a wide range of video production and photography services, but also magnanimous hearts on a mission!

Motivated by the belief that we serve God through serving our clients, we treat each project and person with our highest respect, work ethic, and service.


Why should I hire you rather than my venue’s in-house audiovisual team? . . .

While many venues have in-house audiovisual teams, what makes Relatu unique is our identity as a distinctly Catholic audiovisual company. We aren’t just tech-savvy; we’re also Catholic-savvy, which allows us to provide technological services from a spiritual perspective.

Want us to get a slow-motion clip of the thurible? You don’t have to explain what that is. Feeling awkward about having to tell your camera guys that they can’t be too close to the altar during Mass? We have mastered the art of maintaining reverence while capturing sensational audiovisual elements.

In addition, we are able to capture many moments that other crews may miss- such as recognizing the face of a distinguished Catholic speaker and getting footage of them interacting with your attendees.

With Relatu Visual, you can feel confident that we are skilled both technologically and theologically, which can give you peace of mind to focus on the other aspects of your project. It’ll also save you a great deal of time explaining— need the homily recorded from a typical morning Mass during your conference? Sounds good, no email is necessary from your event coordinator explaining which time during the Mass that someone gets up at the podium is the right time to record. However, you may catch Matthew following along with his Magnificat after the cameras are rolling.

Finally, because of our Catholic values and commitment to honesty and stewardship of our (and YOUR) resources, to this day we have always matched or beat our clients’ chosen venues’ in-house audiovisual quotes (even after including travel)!

What does "Relatu" mean? . . .

Our name, Relatu, comes from the Latin “Relatus,” which means “relating of events.” Phonetically, it’s pronounced “Ree-LAH-two .”


Our "Behind the Scenes"

Completely candid shots of where our projects and travels have brought us.


Blessed to have served many clients including:


Catholic Marketing Network Tradeshow
Joyful Noise Children’s Musical Theater
Respect Life Apostolate, St. Louis
The Evangelical Catholic
Dynamic Catholic
Biking for Babies
Coalition for Life
Mater Media

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
St. John Paul II Preparatory School
St. Ferdinand Catholic Church
Fullness of Truth Ministries
St. Thomas Legal
Vitae Foundation
Blondin Group



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