Inspiring Authentic Encounters - One Online Event At A Time

From blueprint to broadcast and beyond, you can rely on our full-scale production team to consistently produce high-quality, human-centered experiences. And we make the process as easy as 1... 2...done-for-you.

Tell Me About Your Team

Online events shouldn't feel like they're online

Your brand (and your community!) deserves better than less-than-graceful live streams with little audience engagement and long, awkward pauses.

What if your community members could seamlessly experience the joy of genuine human interaction entirely online? Imagine having the freedom to sit back and authentically connect with your attendees, while your own personal team of industry experts handles everything needed to run the show.
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Where screens fade away and people can be people 

There’s nothing “virtual” about a Relatu event. Although they’re hosted online, we believe each production deserves to be treated as the in-person experience it truly is. After all, a person is still a person, whether they’re sitting in a conference hall... or on a laptop!

Meet the Directors Behind the Scenes

Matthew F. headshot


Founder & Executive Director
With over 10 years of experience in video and event production, my initial desire to create more high- quality wholesome media inspired me to found Relatu. Today, I continue to be passionate about supplying a balanced blend of technical skills, creativity, and empathy to help community managers spark more authentic human connections with their audiences. My role is to help people purposefully, strategically, and consistently host meaningful online events.

Support Team

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Stream Operator and Attendee Support
Rachel F. headshot
Rachel F.
Production Assistant
Sam headshot
Attendee Support

Creative Team

Jeremy headshot
Graphic Design
Rickie headshot
John headshot
Web Development

Audiovisual Team

Guy headshot
Audio Engineer
Garrison headshot
AV Systems Engineer
Brenden Headshot
Video Production

Founded in 2015 with the goal of creating wholesome, engaging media, we've grown from a small video production and on-site event AV company to a team of full-service event producers with expertise in platform management, show calling, remote production, speaker management, project management, customer support, virtual communications, and attendee engagement.

We’re passionate about using our talents and resources to bring your vision to life and make your mission a success.

Relatu Events Transform Your Attendees Into Engaged Community Members

When it comes to planning and producing a visionary web-based event, our production team is your all-bases-covered solution. From start to finish, we create novel online experiences that get nuanced audiences excited, inspired, and authentically connected.
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Courtney headshot
I can't [understate] how critical their support was in creating a smooth and stress-free experience for our speakers, our team, and everyone who joined us during the conference.

End-to-end production development

Our initial workshops together will result in a customized event concept that’s strategically aligned with your brand’s values and goals – so that on event day, you can trust our team to independently run the show.
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Speaker follow-up, tech checks, and rehearsals

We take care of all the scheduling and technical prep, so you never have to worry about calendar or computer headaches.                            
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Exceptional engagement tools and event monitoring

From interactive Q&As to spontaneous polls on the spot, our team goes the extra mile to keep viewers from yawning at their screens.
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Reliably attentive email support

You’ll never have to worry about communication with us. We proactively keep you in the loop and also answer urgent questions within 24 hours.
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Superior-quality streaming software

With the latest technology and a highly skilled technical team running it, don’t be surprised if you start hearing a lot of great feedback from your guests.
"Their rehearsal process was particularly helpful and they were experts in assisting our remote guests in overcoming technical challenges ahead of time. The result was a successful stream on event day, where Relatu brought our remote guests together (from two continents!) without any drop-outs or technical issues."
Josh C.
"Our event included over 40 exhibitors and 15 speakers - we NEVER had to follow up with Relatu even once, and we always had confidence things would go as planned."
Walter C.
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The Unique Impact of Our People-Focused Approach

Relatu (“ree – lah – too”) comes from Latin and is where we got the word “relate” today. Our team helps your community foster authentic relationships with each other and with your brand.

That’s why, at the core of our own brand, everything we do is imbued with...

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Every part of our process stems from a desire for holistic, human-centered formation. Our business structure, methodology, and policies are all aimed at pursuing the inherent good of every individual person, as well as the community as a whole.


Our team is proactive right from the start. We are meticulous during each phase of the process, anticipating problems before they arise. And we professionally maintain constant communication with our clients to keep everyone aware, updated, and on the same page.


We believe in hosting events where people experience real kinship, knowing that they’re welcome and cared for... because nothing less than authentic relationship and belonging can satisfy the human spirit.

INN Days Fostered Dialogue Across 30 Breakouts, Huddles, and Mainstage Sessions with Minute-by-Minute Show Calling

SENT Ventures Elevated Their Community’s Live Series with an Inspirational Interview and Socially Dynamic Speed Networking

Discover How Relatu Can Help Transform Your Community

Are you ready to host an inspiring and meaningful online experience, where your people can share, relate, and co-create?

Schedule a free call with our team. Together, we’ll...
  • Examine your current situation, compared to your community goals
  • Identify your event’s potential impact on both your audience and brand
  • Uncover what may be holding you and your organization back from a successful event
  • Develop a 3-step action plan to get you results ASAP
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Talk to a human who can relate. Obligation-free.
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"During the planning phase, the Relatu team was honest, forthright, and professional. They took the time to explain everything, so that we always knew what we were going to get. They handled all of our technical needs and introduced us to a great audience engagement tool that our attendees loved! We plan to hire Relatu again to help us maintain the classiness and refinement that our attendees now expect from our organization."
– Eva Marie H.

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