SENT Ventures Elevated Their Community’s Live Series with an Inspirational Interview and Socially Dynamic Speed Networking

“Although we’ve produced our own events before, it’s always hard to picture every little thing needed. It was so helpful to be able to trust those details to the Relatu team and rely on their experience.”
– Erin Lenssen
Director of Operations

The Challenge: 

Transform an ordinary online meetup for professionals into an impactful and engaging community event.

The SENT Network offers a community to Catholic entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to connect, problem-solve, and grow alongside driven, like-minded individuals. When the SENT team reached out to Relatu, they were 2.5 weeks out from hosting an interview with the founders of the #1 Catholic app in the world: Hallow. After already hosting several events on Zoom in the span of a year, they decided that they wanted to take their community’s online impact to the next level. 

While higher production value was one of their goals for the live stream, SENT also shared that their members were craving the chance to interact with both the speakers and one another in a way that felt more natural – and less awkward. They knew they wanted a more authentic, seamless experience than a Zoom webinar could provide. In short, they were ready to spark greater engagement and deeper meaningful connections within their online community. The Hallow founders’ interview was the perfect opportunity to pair powerful content with a more robust venue for interaction, curated and delivered by Relatu. 

The Solution: 

A high-impact 90-minute event that paired the heartfelt wisdom of the founders (along with their personal and professional challenges as Catholic business owners) with an innovative opportunity for attendees to genuinely connect with one another via 1:1 speed networking. 

With lightning fast turnaround time, the SENT team was able to rely on Relatu’s event expertise to guide them through the project every step of the way. From initial strategy to speaker rehearsals, prep for event day began immediately. 

Combining Relatu’s enterprise-level tools and tech with SENT’s unique brand, the two teams crafted a micro-event. This welcomed their attendees into a highly customized and clutter-free environment, perfectly primed for fostering the engagement they were looking for. The SENT brand ultimately aims to energize and equip Catholic leaders who are called to “set the world on fire.” So the Relatu team made sure that every element of the platform evoked the urgency and excitement of this mission. 

During the live stream, the speakers felt free to be themselves and focus on participating in the event, instead of worrying about tech or logistics. Additionally, Relatu’s moderation tools empowered the SENT staff to curate a highly interactive Q&A session that kept the conversation both engaging and valuable. The ease of the technology allowed the speakers to get to the heart of the attendees’ questions. Delving into these more vulnerable conversations likewise inspired the community, in turn, to go deeper with one another.

After the mainstage interview, attendees were invited to jump into speed networking and share the challenges and successes they faced in their own businesses. Elevating the level of engagement, this streamlined user experience eliminated the friction of  past networking events. As a result, SENT is confident that this event strategy will continue to nurture the lifetime value of each audience member, as well as sustain their ongoing relationship with the community as a whole.

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