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We’re here to serve you, so you’re free to serve your audience.
Executive Director
Creative Director
Project Manager
Account Executive
Web Development
Rachel B.
Stage Manager
Video Production
AV Systems Engineer
Audio Engineer
Rachel F.
Production Assistant
Graphic Design

About Relatu

We are a team of event enthusiasts who enkindle environments of encounter.

From inception to completion, we’ll help you dream, design, and execute your event so that when it's showtime, you’ll get to connect with your attendees and foster meaningful engagement that inspires action.

Founded in 2015 with the goal of creating wholesome, engaging media, we've grown from a small video production and in-person event AV company to a team of full-service event producers with expertise in platform management, show calling, remote production, speaker management, scheduling, customer support, virtual communications, and attendee engagement.

We have a passion for using our talents and resources to make your mission a reality and will care for your event as if it is our very own.

What does "Relatu" mean?

We're Relatu (“ree – lah – too”), which comes from Latin, meaning "relating." We help you foster authentic relationships with your audience and with each other through online interaction. We help you take care of everyone at your event, whether they're standing on stage or in standing room only. Your guides here at Relatu have a unique perspective into the realities you're facing — because we've been in your shoes and have an extraordinary interdisciplinary team that thrives on giving you the confidence, technology, and team you need to pull off an event you never knew could happen.

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